Roman Summer Festival – Estate Romana


Villa Doria Pamphili - Venue for Estate Romana

Summer in Rome is one long series of things to do.

From 16 June until 28 September 2012, the 35th Estate Romana brings the Eternal City alive.

From classical music to jazz to rock concerts, to movies and art exhibitions and theater, dance, writers reading etc, there’ll be something to excite everyone. There’s also a big children’s program; last year this included a huge science and technology fair with interactive games – you get the picture.

This creative joy is not confined to the inner city but happens everywhere, right out into the suburbs and beyond. And it’s not only found in the expected places like renowned theaters and music venues such as Ippodromo delle Capenell and Villa Celimontan for concerts and Villa Doria Pamphili and Foro di Augusto for theater, but events are also held in parks, hospitals, nursing homes, even prisons. There will be a film screen set up on the River Tiber Island along with popup bars and stalls. This is truly a festival which includes everyone.

This year’s Estate Romana program has yet to be announced but when it is you can find all the information on what’s on, where, when and how to book at:

-Philippa B.

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The Estate Romana (Roman Summer) Festival from Rome Things To Do

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