Espresso, Gelato and Tiramisu in Rome


Espresso, gelato and tiramisu. Nothing says Italy quite like the sweeter side of the country famous for their culinary delights. With the assistance of our local guide we walked around the city eating and drinking like a Roman. With so many options in a city the size of Rome it’s best to go with someone who knows.

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When in Rome.

To drink coffee like a true Roman you need to be on your feet. Coffee isn’t taken at a cafe leisurely, but at a bar usually on the go. Unique to Italy the coffee bar has no chairs, just a counter lined with espresso machines serving cups of the potent brown stuff. Our guide explains to us the typical Italian will have about four espressos per day from a shop like the one she took us to. We visited one of the landmark coffee bars in the city for a unique coffee treat. We ordered a granite di caffe, where espresso and ice are blended and then topped with whipped cream. The bitterness of the espresso combines on the spoon with the cream to make a perfect bite. It was a nice way to beat the July heat and start our food filled tour of Rome.

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Some espresso to give us energy for the tour.

Our next stop on the tour continues the cooling trend with another famous Italian food, gelato. Our guide explained that just like coffee there is a particular way Italians eat their ice cream too. Similar to ice cream only in temperature, Italian gelato is made with only a few simple ingredients. There are a few things to look for when picking a gelato shop and basically bigger is not always better. Starting with the amount of flavors, if a shop has hundreds it’s probably not all fresh. Also the showy displays where the gelato stands high above the tub is not natural. The towering gelato either has additives in it, or you are just paying for extra air that was whipped in. Either way we learned bigger isn’t better when it comes to gelato.

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So many fantastic flavors.

The shop where we have our sample fits all the criteria. We even got to watch the owner hard at work in the kitchen making fresh batches of gelato.

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An incredible finish to the tour.

Along the way our guide brings us to a few more hotspots for both gelato and espresso before our final stop of the night. To finish the evening we make our way to the locally famous Pompi tiramisu shop. All they make is tiramisu and the line is out the door. We ordered three of their most popular flavors and dug in. The original coffee cream is what put the shop on the map, but the banana cream wasn’t bad either. To conclude the tour we took the last of our treats and enjoyed while sitting on the nearby Spanish steps. The night left us full and feeling like a Roman, at least for a few days.

– Contributed by Hannah Lukaszewicz

Espresso, Gelato and Tiramisu in Rome from Viator Rome

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